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Paul Mengert Association Management Group

614 W. Friendly Ave.
Greensboro NC 27401 United States
(336) 273-8600

Paul Mengert and the Association Management Group

February 14, 2016

Paul Mengert was born in North Carolina in the community of Greensboro. He earned his degree in political science and communications from the University of North Carolina. His certification for professional community association manager came in 1990. Later on in 2005, Paul graduated from Harvard Business School.

He has been involved in community management and housing for over thirty years. He has been instrumental in developing strategies for community development. In 1984, Mr. Mengert founded an association known as the Association Management Group. Association Management Group is a community management association in North and South Carolina. Through the Association Management Group, Paul has spearheaded several housing and development projects for Harvard Business School Alumni Association of Charlotte. He has an educational program on house ownership and house owners association. He also utilizes his knowledge of the housing to teach people on house ownership. Currently, he is  the Chief Executive Officer of the Association Management Group.

Mr. Mengert has served in different positions both in government and in private sectors. He was a member of the Directorate of the United States for the Givat Haviva Educational Foundation. He has also been an advisor in the area of housing most notably as an advisor on  USAID housing sector to both Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan. He was also a member of the commission that was tasked with the mandate to lay strategies on how to privatize the government housing. He was among those who were at the forefront in the formation of thousands of homeowners association in Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan. Besides, Mr. Mengert worked for Community Associations Institute and James B. Hunt, the former Governor of North Carolina before the formation of Association Management Group.