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How To Meet: Homeowners Associations

December 29, 2015

There are many different kinds of meetings that a homeowners association or community can call. It is important for both the Board of Directors and the residents to know the differences in the types of meetings that are called. If attendance is extremely important, everyone needs to know. However, if one suggests every meeting is extremely important, then pretty soon no one will be showing up. So, Paul Mengert has learned that it is important to be transparent about the situation and give meetings their proper due. Mengert has, as the President of Association Management Group, seen that meetings play a major role in the governance of these communities.

Annual meetings are usually required by the governing documents and they are generally the main meeting of the year when members are informed about the budget, elect a board, and hear committee reports. In special meetings, residents and the Board can talk about a specific topic. Do we need to enact a no alcohol at the pool policy? Usually the questions are controversial and the members do not participate unless asked to by a Board member, but they retain the right to listen.

Town meetings are usually a more informal type of meeting, intended for two way communication. Board meetings are where most of the business of the association is conducted on an on-going basis and these can occasionally be held in “executive session”, meaning the residents are not allowed to even listen. Association Management Group encourages all communities to be aware of the types of meetings that can be held and to be judicious about when and how to hold meetings.